Chamber of Commerce General Meeting – 28/11/2023

Dorrigo Deli, Hickory Street, Dorrigo 2453

Ben Garnock – President

Minute Taker:
Graeme Shephard – Secretary

Members Present:
Ben Garnock (BG), Graeme Shephard (GS), Beth O’Loughlin (BO), Emanuelle Cereja (EC), Kat Di Marco (KDM), Peter Robson (PR), Emer Fahey (EF), Nick Wright (NW), Chris Shirley (CS), Libby Ussher (LU)

Lexie Francis (LF)

Kelsey Meehan, Murray Slender, Leonie McDonald, George Bradford

Opening of the Meeting:

Meeting Opened by Ben Garnock at 6.08 PM


That the Minutes of previous general meeting held 30th October 2023 be approved.
Proposed: GS, Seconded: BG.
Motion carried.

Business Arising:

President’s Report (BG):
⦁Discussion on Rail Trails.
⦁A few are enthusiastic to contribute to this idea
⦁May not be a way forward at this present time
⦁Plan to establish a working group to look at the feasibility of pursuing this initiative
⦁Keith Jones – not sure as to his attitude
GB – to pursue speaking to Keith Jones very carefully
⦁Project in theoretical and research stage
⦁Next meeting for Rail Trail Group,4/12/23, 6 PM.

Treasurer’s Report:
⦁Still establishing Xero and reporting facility.
⦁Chamber of Commerce Insurance now in place with AON


Dorrigo Handmade Markets:
BO – Approx. 50 stalls.
⦁Various items of entertainment.
⦁Music swap meet @ Never Never Mind.
⦁Crossover stalls rejected but outside area marketeers allowed.

Dahlia Day:
LU – Grant approved.
⦁Need a bank account.
⦁To form a sub-committee under Chamber umbrella.

To form a sub-committee for the management of Dhalia Day under the umbrella of the Chamber.
Proposed: LU, Seconded: BO.
Motion Carried.

Actions and Other Business:

⦁Check constitution for sub-committee agreement similar to MID.
⦁Long Table idea could coincide with Dahlia Day if road closure could be effected.
GS – To speak with Rotary re-partnership for Long Table.
BG – to apply for road closure with BSC.

Other Business:

⦁Vision Night and Mission Statement discussion (Agenda item) to be postponed until 2024

To postpone Vision Night and Mission Statement discussion until early 2024.
Proposed: BG, Seconded: LU.
Motion Carried.

NW – Shared updates on Cork Trust, It seems to be a shambles!

BG to talk with Peter Mortimore.


Meeting Closed by BG at 7.33 PM
Next Meeting: Tuesday, 30th January 2024

Dorrigo Chamber of Commerce Incorporated
ABN: 88 351 746 937

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