Chamber of Commerce General Meeting – 9/8/22


 Chair: Promise Holz

Attendance: Ben Garnock, Brad Holz, Peter Smith, Bruce Schwartz, Desmae Harrison, George Bradford, Kelsey Meehan, Libby Ussher, Bridget Rees. 
Apologies: Murray Slender, Tracey Capps, Peter Mortimore, 
Carolyn Mortimore, Erika Krishnan, Laurel Woolhouse
Meeting started at: 6:30pm

Presidents Report

⦁    Bellingen, Urunga and Dorrigo chamber along with the Council have a combined Business Event proposed for November, witith  guest speaker. Andrew O’Keefe, Sarah Pool, Music and food across the day..  if grants are successful. Which have been submitted.
⦁    Mentorship Program to help the economic growth across shire and help youth gain skills and experience in the workforce. Through traineeships/apprenticeships
⦁    Call for anyone interested in this to register their interest. 

Treasures Report

⦁    New accounting software, Xero is now connected
⦁    Website for membership renewal $30 for general no voting rights $70 full membership entitles 1x Vote. $100 for business with 2x votes for directors
⦁    Website to go live 12th August logins to be sent for all business to update their listing, photos need to promote your business and be relevant and in line with aesthetic. 

George Bradford- Rainforest Centre

⦁    Major Project has gained a lot interest and great feedback
⦁    Rainforest center recruiting for upcoming roles

Libby Ussher – Dahlia Festival

⦁    A proposal for a Dorrigo dahlia day to be held on the 11th of Feb 2023, The Venue to be at the Community Hall on Hickory st
⦁    Roles still to be assigned
⦁    Costs include: hall hire, advertising
⦁    Chamber to Potentially apply for grants
⦁    Funding raised for auxiliary
⦁    Other events/competitions on the day
⦁    The chamber will help with marketing and advertising
⦁    Get school kiddies involved

Updates to be given at Chamber meetings of progress etc
Vote to have this event be covered by chamber liability insurance, grants to be applied for to get funding to help event be successful. Motioned by Promise Holz second by Bruce Schwartz, George Bradford, Ben Garnock, Brad Holz
No DA required until Event to become greater then the Hall
Bridgett- bluegrass festival
⦁    Music at cafes around Dorrigo
⦁    50 acts over the weekend of the festival
⦁    Poets breakfast to be held at Dorrigo Show ground

Meeting Adjourned by: Promise Holz at 7:30pm
Next General Meeting: 6:30pm Tuesday 13th Sept at Components Cafe

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